10 Great Reasons to Use SMOC.AI

The online marketing ecosystem is saturated. Attention, interaction and engagement are hot commodities that can cost a fortune. SMOC provides a software platform to help companies reinvent their customer engagement across the whole lifecycle with interactive conversations & rewards powered by customer intelligence. We make every interaction with your customer an opportunity to engage and learn and believe you have a 10x potential compared to your existing strategies.

10 Great Reasons to Use SMOC.AI
August 17, 2022
Kristoffer Kvam

1. Easy to use

From a user-friendly interface to its intuitive functionality, SMOC.AI is an easy-to-use platform for marketing professionals of all levels. SMOC.AI offers the use of a predefined conversation format called a flow, which allows users to interact with their customers.

With flows, you can seamlessly interact with your customers, drive action and collect data. Not only that, SMOC.AI allows you to offer rewards to customers who take the desired actions within your flows and that drives attention. With SMOC.AI, creating a flow is a breeze with the SMOC flow studio platform. You can use text, images, survey questions, reward promos, user info, link buttons, user forms, and iframe scripts.


2. Fast Time to Market

SMOC.AI lets you publish your flows within a day.  Target customers can interact with these flows by opening a sent link or clicking on a website. Brands can share the link through an email, an ad, or a text message. The SMOC.ai success team will help you get started to solve any questions.

Once live, you can immediately start tuning and analyzing your flows and rewards to optimize for max impact. Importantly, there is no need for any form of integration - just go live and start to capture the value. If you later need to seamlessly integrate with the SMOC.ai platform, you can do that though our Zapier plugin.  


3. Looks amazing

By using SMOC.AI, you get access to our styling dashboard. Brands can design their flows by implementing color, logos, and images. The look and aesthetic of your marketing objectives impact the way consumers may view your brand. The design elements are easy to use. In the picture below, you see an example of a customized flow.


4. Maximize attention

Consumers are bombarded with advertisements from different platforms daily. Hence, viewability is not a reliable metric. A video ad could receive 2000 views, but how many people paid attention?  Studies by Dentsu International show that attention is 3x times better at predicting outcomes than viewability. The research pinpoints four key areas to improve the audience's attention: time in view, user choice, creativity, and relevance.

SMOC.AI solution to these attention areas is interactive conversation flows and rewards. Typically a conversation has a time in view of over 60 seconds. Compare that to a classical landing page where people bounce off in a few seconds. Through interactive flows we offer pure user choice, a feeling of creativity and relevance . Further, we offer a reward system for customers. Imagine if a brand were to ask its customers for contact information. The brand could incorporate a flow and a reward for each customer who shares their contact information. Rewarding attention is key!

5. 3x conversions

A conversion is when a target customer completes a desired action. By using conversational flows clients can achieve over  3X conversions on their leads and customers compared to static landing pages. This effect can be achieved in use cases across the  whole lifecycle from purchasing an item, viewing a short video, or filling out a form. By using the platform, you can drive conversions easier. Brands can also reward customers for signing up for a newsletter or include a call-to-action button on a flow that drives conversions further.


6. Build loyalty.

Brand loyalty is the connection a customer has with your brand. This connection is not necessarily related to a brand’s product and services. However, the connection is always related to how customers perceive and engage with the brand. At SMOC we help you with this through flows and rewards.

SMOC Flows maximize a customer’s engagement with the brand. SMOC conversation flows can be applied to all interactions in the end-to-end customer journey. The flow interactions are engaging, fun  and personalized and this strengthens the loyalty across the whole journey.  

Rewarding engagement is a key element in increasing brand perception. At SMOC we did user research with 200 teenagers and young adults (gen Zs ) if they would engage with an advertisement if they were to be rewarded for their engagement: Over 80% answered yes. Similar studies by SMOC and others across all age groups from GenZs to Baby Boomers show that on average over 70% of users want rewards for their attention. Rewards offered through SMOC can be one of our built-in rewards within gift cards and donations, your own reward or one of our other clients loyalty points.


7. Data collection

SMOC Flows collect data and preferences from customers so that brands can better market their products or services in the future. The data collected streams to the SMOC Preference Graph - a real-time graph database containing all customer preferences. The graph contains elements related to the company, the conversation, and the specific customer. In addition to the data manually entered by the customer, we collect at least 20 different preferences of the customer just through a conversation.

The preference graph allows brands to create multiple customer personas based on their answers to the questions. For example, there are some customers who value quality over price while others prefer the opposite. Brands can then adjust their marketing strategies and target their efforts toward specific people who will be more likely to buy their products or services.


8. AI predictions

A real-time AI engine running in parallel with the SMOC  preference graph creates digital twins of the specific customer. With this graph and the twin technology, we can predict future preferences about the customer. This includes predicting preferences and interests, intents, the best time to contact, optimal price, or propensity to churn. You can then slice and segment your SMOC.AI contact list based on these predictions in addition to the collected data and in that way personalize flows and other marketing actions on these predictions.



9. Fully integrated

SMOC.AI uses Zapier integration to communicate with other systems. This does not require any development resources or knowledge about building APIs. Our software will allow you to connect your favorite eCommerce, DMP, CRM, or other systems where you have your customer data. By using our Zapier connector all contact data will stream to your system of choice. We also have a wide API for direct integration through development or by webhooks for all our core functionality.


10. High Return on Investment (ROI)

ROI is the true measure of success when applying a new service for a business. The benefits of using the SMOC platform include reducing your CAC (customer acquisition cost) and increasing your CLV (customer lifetime value). If the client takes out the full potential of SMOC.AI, we believe your returns on investment at a magnitude of more than 10x compared to a typical digital strategy.