The Winning Recipe for Peppes Pizza's Digital Success with SMOC.AI

The Winning Recipe for Peppes Pizza's Digital Success with SMOC.AI
September 16, 2022
Henrik Folkestad

Peppes Pizza, the largest pizza restaurant chain in Scandinavia, sought to increase customer engagement levels in their digital channels. To achieve this goal, they turned to SMOC.AI's engagement platform, which offered a personalized conversational chatbot quiz solution. This proved effective in boosting customer engagement, brand awareness, and data collection.

The campaign included five key elements, which are outlined below:

Rewards: Based on recent research, 80% of customers expect to receive a reward for their attention. To incentivize customers, Peppes offered a 20% discount on their next purchase order. This reward motivated customers to participate in the quiz and provided a direct purchase promotion after claiming their reward.

Conversion: In the same customer journey, Peppes promoted direct purchase after claiming the customer's reward. By doing so, they were able to convert more customers, resulting in increased sales and revenue.

Referral: Peppes also added a referral element to leverage their best customers to convert new customers. By offering incentives such as discounts or special offers to customers who referred their friends or family to the restaurant chain, Peppes was able to increase customer loyalty and attract new customers.

Brand awareness: The quiz served as an opportunity for Peppes to build brand awareness around new offerings in their portfolio. During the quiz, customers were engaged for up to 60 seconds with content about Peppes Pizza's latest products. This helped to keep the brand top-of-mind for customers and provided an opportunity for Peppes to showcase their products.

Data collection: In addition to engaging customers and driving sales, the quiz provided Peppes with an opportunity to collect vital information about their customers. By asking questions about customers' preferences and habits, Peppes was able to shape their marketing strategy and communication for future campaigns. This data helped to ensure that Peppes was targeting the right customers with the right messages, resulting in higher conversion rates and increased customer satisfaction.

Henrik Haug, Head of Digital at Peppes Pizza, explains: "Post covid we have seen a dip in overall customer engagement, and realized a bigger need for digitalization to improve KPIs." He goes on to say, "SMOC.AI has showed a new and better way to run online campaigns. We saw that there were many opportunities and a huge potential, in combination with our strategy."

Through the use of SMOC.AI, Peppes Pizza saw a 55% increase in conversions, from not using personalized conversations to using SMOC.AI. The combination of these five key elements - rewards, conversion, referral, brand awareness, and data collection - proved to be a winning strategy for Peppes Pizza and could serve as a model for other businesses looking to increase customer engagement and drive sales.


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