Rewards: The key to gaining both attention and action

In the ever evolving world of technology and marketing, attention has never been a hotter commodity. And with attention spans decreasing, brands must adapt more efficient methods to engage with their consumers. That’s why you should start rewarding the attention you get from your audience.

Rewards: The key to gaining both attention and action
April 22, 2022
Jógvan Brimheim Gunnarsson

Consumers are overwhelmed with content and information on a daily basis. Let’s look at just ads for example. Back in the 1970s an average person would see between 500 to 1600 ads per day. Even keeping in mind that this was decades before the ad infested internet showed up, that is a high number. Looking at the same number from the mid 2000s, or 2007 to be exact, that number had increased up to 5000! Furthermore, surveying over 4000 people back then, the research firm behind the study were told that this amount of advertising was “out of control”. But what are these numbers today you might ask? Over 10000!

Therefore, it has never been harder for any company or organization to actually stand out and grab the attention from their desired audience, than it is now. Because if you can’t garner attention, how are you supposed to do any of the other crucial parts of the old (but still trusted) AIDA model? Garner Interest, stir up Desire, and drive Action? That’s why SMOC.AI has created a digital solution to help brands do just that.


What does it mean to reward attention?

In a digital world where people can be looking at literally anything at any time, you as a marketer or sales person need to truly cherish those moments with your target group that your brand gets. If we haven’t emphasized this point yet; your leads, customers and ambassadors’ time is extremely valuable. But how? 


That’s where the tech of SMOC.AI comes in. With SMOC.AI you can create brand new or enhance your current digital landing pages with highly engaging interactive conversations. We at SMOC.AI call these Conversation flows, and they let you present your content, products, services, activities and multimedia, in all new ways! 


We’re all tired of scrolling through static landing pages that more than often look all the same, and are not tailored to our own ongoing buying journeys. That’s why we use the conversational format for what it’s worth. Conversations at their core are more personal. It’s just something else when information and entertainment is shared back and forth in a chat based format. In fact; Conversation based landing pages are proven to convert 3-4x better than traditional landing pages!


Conversation based formats, like SMOC.AI conversation flows, also allow for a tone of voice that is way more human and proactive, than passive blocks of standard website text. Users themselves tell you their preferences and what they are interested in learning more about, based on the paths they end up going through in your predefined conversation flows. Not to mention the amount of conversational based data you gather (read more about that here)!

But this is not the whole story: SMOC Conversation flows can also be reward fueled. What do we mean by that? Throughout the Conversation flows your audience engages with, you can add elements that users can get rewards for interacting with.

Let’s look at some examples:
- If a user answers a survey question related to your latest product launch, they can get a reward. 

- If a user watches a YouTube clip from your latest event, they can get a reward.
- If a user signs up to your newsletter, they can get a reward.
- If a user requests a pricing offer from your sales department, they can get a reward.
- If they recommend your services to their friends, they can get a reward.
- If they upgrade their subscription, they can get a reward.

This way, people are literally rewarded for their attention, based on actions that are relevant throughout your customer lifecycle stages.


But what can and should I reward people with?

Hopefully by now you are onboard with the idea of rewarding attention and user action, but now the question arises: “What should I reward people with?”. The short answer is “With whatever you like!”. Truly, might sound like a cop out from our side, but this really is the case. 

By using SMOC.AI and our Reward flow tech, brands like Norwegian, Storytel, Homely, iMove, Peppes Pizza and others, are rewarding their users with everything from CashPoints, product discounts, extended trial periods, gifts, and vouchers. Both from their own brand and partners, but also from other well known companies they want to be associated with. In addition to these, brands are also using donations in their users’ names as rewards. Donations to nonprofits like Plan International Norway, Plastic Positive, Chooose and Right to Play


Different people value different things. Therefore SMOC.AI lets the users interacting with brands' reward flows, themselves choose what rewards they want in return for their engagement. 


As we learned from how our customers are using SMOC.AI: valuing your audience’s time, while motivating actions from them with the help of rewards, can make you both stand out from your competition and reach your growth goals!