How SMOC Chat Flows performed in 2022

At SMOC we had millions of flow sessions in 2022. Check out how our client's average performance is a strong 5x compared to the average conversion rates. We end on a few top performance cases were we see a 20x performance improvement to web average.

How SMOC Chat Flows performed in 2022
January 17, 2023
Kristoffer Kvam



The SMOC Flow Funnel

Before we present the results, let's look at what we are measuring.

A SMOC Flow is an automated and predefined chat flow that is triggered by a user entering a web page, clicking a link from an email/SMS/message service, clicking on an ad or embedded in an ad. The flow has a clear sales and/or engagement objective such as capturing a lead, completing a survey or quiz, referring a new user or onboarding a new customer. 

All flow sessions in SMOC start a funnel as depicted below:


Screenshot 2023-01-16 at 15.16.17


Key flow states and KPIs we track are: 

Flow sessions    # of chat flows started. This means that someone has seen the initial messages in any channel.
Interactions # of chat flows where there has been an interaction from the end user (clicked a button, answered a question, watched a video, etc). 
Completions # chat flows completed. At this point a user user comes to the final message (in any branch) of a chat flow 
Leads # identified contact leads a flow has gathered. Not all flows capture leads
Interaction Time Average number of seconds of flows with interactions
A high number means that the brand engagement strong from the flow. 
Interaction rate Interactions / Flow Sessions
A high number means that the flow is well aligned with the expectations set from the start of the flow.  
Completion rate Completions / Interactions
A high number means that customers are kept engaged during the chat flow.  
Lead rate Leads / Completions
A high number means that customer is incentivised to leave their contact info. 

Now, let's have a look at the 2022 performance

Flow Funnel 2022 Averages

Every client of SMOC has on average had 5 flows live. The average performance indicators for these flows are as depicted and explained in the following diagram and table. 


Screenshot 2023-01-16 at 15.53.16


Not all flows capture leads, so only flows capturing leads have been added to the completed to the lead rate.

A few comments about the key performance indicators. 

KPI Value Comments on Performance
Interaction Time 131s According to Research by Amplified Intelligence, "Memory retention doesn’t kick in until an ad is seen for about 3 seconds, after which on average every active attention second leads to an average 3 days in memory ".

You can imagine what 131 seconds means. Next time an end customer things about a problem (s)he needs solved, you brand will be in memory.  
Interaction rate 44% That almost half of end users interact and that they spend on average over two minutes leaving data and engaging in with the brand shows the power of the conversational format.

This is in line with research by Shoppop showing that conversational landing pages yield 3-4x higher engagement than traditional landing pages. 
Completion rate 56% Of these interactions. Over half finish a conversational flow. 
Lead rate 34% For lead capturing cases. Over 1/3 of flows that finish leave their contact details as a lead. Of all sessions 1/10 leave their contact details in SMOC flows targeted at that. This is stellar when you compare to a classic landing page conversion according to Wordpress that generates typically 1/50.

This is a 5x performance improvement to the average.



10-20x Performance improvement possible?

So we have here shared that on average you get a 5x improvement. However when combining with rewards and the special conversational formats some of our best clients get even better values. 

As shared before we are a strong advocate for the SMOC 10x formula  that shows how you can reach at least 10x business impact using the core platform elements of SMOC:  Conversations x Rewards x AI. On certain use cases we in fact seeing 20x compared to typical performance. How is that even possible you might ask? Let's have a look at some email campaigns triggering a basket of a few great performing SMOC flows in 2022. 

The performance below is based on standard benchmarks from Mailchimp(*), Hubspot(**) and Wordstream(***). From 100k emails sent to your clients you will on average in the end have 13 end conversions. 


Screenshot 2023-01-16 at 16.53.55


Now look at the average performance we have on a SMOC campaign yielding 20x. Your 100k emails ends up with 360 conversions! 


Screenshot 2023-01-16 at 16.55.28

Wonder how this is done? Don't hesitate to reach out or follow our newsletter to stay informed.