Gamification: The Key to Boosting Engagement with Customers

Looking to engage with your customers in a fun and interactive way? SMOC's gamification platform is here to help. With our customizable rewards, ranking list, and interactive animations, you can incentivize your customers and keep them engaged.

Gamification: The Key to Boosting Engagement with Customers
August 30, 2020
Elisabeth Falch Slinning


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Rewards: Create an Engaging Program with Customizable Icons

Tailor your rewards to incentivize engagement and keep your customers coming back for more. With customizable icons and several global rewards available, you can create a unique rewards program that fits your business.


Screenshot 2020-08-30 at 09.37.06Ranking List: Encourage Friendly Competition

Inspire friendly competition among your users with our ranking lists feature. Users can compare their reward collections with others on the platform to see who can collect the most rewards. This is a great way to keep your users engaged and incentivized.


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Animations: Provide Interactive Feedback with Custom Effects

Add some excitement to your platform with our customizable animations. From confetti effects to falling reward icons, these animations provide an engaging experience for your users. Plus, they're a great way to provide feedback and encouragement for completing actions like surveys or reward actions.

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