Increase Engagement in your Conversations with Gamification

At SMOC we believe gamification, smartness and choice through personal conversations are core to engage your customers. In the gamification department we have released some sweet features your customers will love.

Increase Engagement in your Conversations with Gamification
August 30, 2020
Elisabeth Falch Slinning


Smoc ai_coin_256

Rewards have always been the core of our platform and now you can add your own rewards with customizable icons as well as select several global rewards on the platform.

Screenshot 2020-08-30 at 09.37.06

Ranking Lists lets your users see how they compare and compete on reward collection to other users on the platform. We bet this will really super


Screenshot 2020-08-30 at 09.47.57

Animations are a great way to given your users an experience of feedback and kick. Actions such as pressing a survey or completing a reward action can have customisable animations. It is really fun and your users will love it. We can provide confetti effects, falling reward icons and much more.  

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