What Global Digital Advertising can be worth

The potential benefits from ad spend are huge

What Global Digital Advertising can be worth
February 15, 2020
Kristoffer Kvam

Globally, online advertising has now passed traditional advertising. The amounts of money put into this industry is massive and most of this money is collected by a couple of giant players. People who receives these ads have basically no to litte control over it, and in the end they are the ones paying for the ads.

Let's imagine that users' attention to ads was rewarded through SMOC's partners, this is the value users would receive.

Globally, yearly digital ad spending in 2019 is 333 billion dollars. If you divide that number with the number of 4.4 billion users, we spend an average of 76 USD yearly per online person.

If we use the same calculation on only the Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland) where the SMOC team comes from the estimate is 269 USD yearly per online person

  Population 2019 Internet Penetration Population online Total ad spend
Average ad spend
Sweden 10.2M 95% 9.6M $2.5B $258
Norway 5.4M 95% 5.1M $1.9B $381
Denmark 5.8M 95% 5.5M $1.4B $256
Finland 5.5M 95% 5.3M $1.0B $194
Iceland 362.9K 95% 344.7K $74.0M $215
Nordic Countries 27.2M   25.8M $6.9B $269


So what is this ad spend worth in terms of rewards for peoples attention through our partners?

  • More than 1 week of city center parking in the Nordic cities

  • More than 4 months of mobile data use in mobile broadband crazy Nordics

  • More than one round trip to Paris from any Nordic city

  • Make 4 people climate positive for a year

Reflect on this for a moment. What is really happening here?
Instead of just spending money for the advertiser, the ad spend is transformed to reward the customer and makes the user extra positive in the relation to the brand.

Research shows that this kind of rewarded ad doubles the positive experience the customer has with the ad. For the partner, our research shows that more than 7/10 customers want this kind of reward from them. In the SMOC ecosystem, both the end user,  advertiser and the partnering publisher wins.   

So what are you waiting for - start advertising and partnering with us. Your customers will love you!


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Photo credit:  Robert Anasch on Unsplash