Artificial Intelligence in Conversational Marketing: Unlocking Success

Recent leaps in artificial intelligence have propelled conversational marketing to the forefront as one of the most effective revenue-generating tools. With AI-powered technology revolutionizing the ad experience, businesses now have the means to achieve unparalleled customization and maximize their advertising investments.

Artificial Intelligence in Conversational Marketing: Unlocking Success
July 26, 2020
Kristoffer Kvam

The CEO of DeepMind, Demis Hassabis, defines AI as "the science of making machines smart." This definition emphasizes AI's ability to respond, learn, and improve over time by leveraging vast amounts of data.

By applying AI to conversational marketing, businesses gain a powerful tool that can engage customers individually and in real time through live conversations across various platforms. AI can also predict customers' future choices based on their history without compromising their privacy, as personal information is not linked to the data used.

In its early form, conversational marketing was represented by a simple chat box that appeared on websites with a greeting like "Hi! How can I help you?" Over time, technology has advanced, enabling businesses to strategically leverage conversational marketing for revenue growth.

SMOC has developed an AI engine that supports a unique win-win-win ecosystem involving advertisers, channel partners, and end-users. Advertisers create their ads using the SMOC console, and the system incorporates them into relevant conversational campaigns across selected partner channels. The AI engine then engages users in meaningful conversations, offering them relevant rewards for their valuable attention.

For instance, imagine Netflix as an advertiser aiming to attract new customers to watch their promotional video. By targeting telecom customers through SMOC's telecom partner channels, Netflix's ad reaches hundreds of thousands of engaged users. These users are enticed to view the video by receiving free mobile data as a reward. This three-way ecosystem benefits everyone involved, resulting in increased revenues for advertisers and monetization partners.

Throughout this process, SMOC's AI engine continuously learns from the data it collects. The insights are stored in the privacy proof choice graph created for each end-user, enabling improved personalization. The AI engine leverages this knowledge to target new users with similar preferences, resulting in more personalized campaigns, higher conversions facilitated by rewards, increased revenues for both advertisers and monetization partners, and happier, more loyal customers who appreciate relevant engagement and meaningful rewards.

By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, businesses can unlock the full potential of conversational marketing, driving success and achieving remarkable results.


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