Conversational Rewards: Triple Sales Potential

Discover the power of the conversation-plus-rewards solution developed by SMOC.AI. In this article, we'll explore how the integration of conversational marketing and rewards can propel your sales to new heights. Get ready to unlock the potential of meaningful conversations combined with enticing incentives.

Conversational Rewards: Triple Sales Potential
June 24, 2020
Kristoffer Kvam

The Inherent Power of Conversational Marketing

AI-powered conversational marketing enabled by SMOC.AI gets results for obvious reasons. It allows for real-time targeting during one-to-one conversations with your customers, who respond positively because they are listened to. Companies gain valuable insights into customers' decisions and preferences, enabling them to adapt campaigns accordingly. This leads to more effective campaigns, generating higher conversion rates and a higher ROI.

Rewarding Attention: Multiplying Results

Here's an example that clearly demonstrates the value of adding rewards to conversational marketing. ONEPARK, a Norwegian full-service parking company and one of SMOC's channel partners, offers free parking minutes as a reward to visitors who engage with the SMOC.AI chatbot on their website. The results are impressive:

  • 78% of all website visitors engage with the chatbot.
  • Of those, 42% view the first full 60-second ad suggested during the conversation.
  • Among the engaged visitors, 57% click to visit the advertiser's Instagram page.
  • Overall, 50% of users who engage with the chatbot complete the entire conversation.
  • 8% of website visits result in the use of physical parking minutes.

The Impact: Achieving Massive Conversion Rates

While all these results are remarkable, the final one is truly remarkable. Conventional static banner ads achieve a mere 2.35% average conversion rate, even when defined as a simple click. In comparison, ONEPARK's rewarded conversational marketing solution using SMOC.AI achieves an 8% conversion rate. These 8% represent people who actually use their five- or 10-minute free parking minutes reward, resulting in actual sales. The revenue generated by this approach more than triples that of static landing pages.

Building Long-Term Brand Loyalty and Growth

Furthermore, ONEPARK has discovered that users who engage in online conversations continue to seek out and participate in new conversational campaigns. This demonstrates how rewarded conversational marketing builds brand loyalty and drives revenue growth in the long term.

In conclusion, embracing rewarded conversational marketing with SMOC.AI empowers businesses to triple their sales, leverage the inherent power of conversations, and foster long-term customer loyalty and growth.


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