Conversational Marketing: Fueling Online Revenue Growth

Conversational Marketing: Fueling Online Revenue Growth
June 05, 2020
Kristoffer Kvam

The concept of "conversational marketing" is still relatively new and requires upfront clarification. In short, it's about engaging with customers individually by asking about their preferences and dynamically tailoring responses to achieve conversions. Unlike conventional online advertising, which relies on audience data, conversational marketing provides real-time knowledge of customers and removes guesswork.

Driving Personalization and Customization

With conversational marketing, we can develop well-thought-out conversation-based strategies that target audiences in real time. Rather than creating multiple banner ads and hoping for results, we now have the tools for true customization of the ad experience. The powerful AI technology behind this innovation offers unprecedented insight into customer preferences, allowing companies to understand what drives their customers and optimize interactions.

Unlocking Customer Insights

For instance, in the fashion industry, a clothing brand can instantly gather data on customer preferences, including style, color, and size. Through A/B testing, companies can refine their approach, identifying the most effective sequence of questions and even the tone of voice for specific demographics. Conversational marketing empowers businesses to refine their strategies based on real-time feedback and customer insights.

Integrating Rewards for Success

Taking the conversational marketing revolution to the next level, SMOC adds rewards to the mix. Human nature dictates that people respond positively to relevant incentives. SMOC's unique AI-based technology not only engages customers but also rewards them for their valuable attention, further increasing the success of conversational marketing.

As online advertising continues to evolve, conversational marketing stands out as a transformative approach that fosters meaningful interactions, personalization, and higher conversion rates. By leveraging the power of conversation and integrating rewards, businesses can fuel online revenue growth and create engaging experiences for their customers.

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